Sculpting Sessions by Greg Polutanovich
GunbarFistful of Gif
Learn basic to advanced sculpting techniques with
film industry and fine art sculptor, Greg Polutanovich

Greg has fifteen years experience working in the film and television industry as a make up effects sculptor, along with amusement park, computer game and merchandise sculpting. He also has ten years experience as a fine art sculptor who has his work cast in bronze.

For the first time he is offering private lessons for those who are very serious about learning the art of sculpture. You will get "one on one" attention with critiques as you work along side him on the same type of project. Greg will demonstrate the basic to advanced techniques along with discussing the philosophy of sculpture. He will leave it up to you to determine the type of project that you are interested in working on. Whether it's a bust, full figure, animal, creature or character design, Greg's method of sculpture is building from the bone structure, to muscles, to skin and then to clothing and accessories. With great attention to anatomy, dynamic poses, proportion, gesture, form and detail. He will show you how to execute a natural and emotion feel and precision for the full range from subtle to dramatic facial expressions. Along with special importance to eyes, nose, mouth and hair formation, Greg acquired many of the techniques that he uses today from working in the film industry and developing his own fine art. People that collect his work are drawn to the realistic detail, dramatic expressions and poses of his sculptures..

This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn to sculpt or to improve your sculpting skills with one on one instruction.

"Contact me for session availability and I will work around your schedule too. Space will be limited so sign up early to insure that you will be able to participate in my valuable sculpting program when it starts. My start date is to be determined but contact me with your interests so you will be first in line. It will be an 8 week course, 1 day a week, 3 hours a day and $75.00 for 1 three hour session. Plus, supply price will be determined depending on the project or you can provide your own clay and armature supplies. We will work from photo reference and each student will need to collect their own for the project they choose. Tools will be available for student use or recommendations will be provided for the best type of tool that you can use for your project. My course will also include armature building, photography and portfolio creation. Also, if you want to get your work cast in bronze, I will recommend a good foundry. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest and I look forward to passing on my knowledge to those who are interested in the art of sculpture."

- Greg Polutanovich

Greg Sculpting at the 2010
NFR Cowboy Christmas Gift Show
inside the Las Vegas Convention Center.